Energy Management

Consumption Data

Utility Focus collates consumption data from suppliers in addition to taking verification readings when on site. We like to work with our clients to relate consumption to activity such as tonnes produced or hours worked.

Demand Management

Utility Focus monitors how electricity is used on site in order to avert capacity problems and reduce demand charges. This includes load shedding and power factor correction. On larger sites we are able to advise clients on their half hourly consumption and discuss with them how charges may be reduced through changes in operating practices.

Bill Verification

There is little point in negotiating the sharpest prices unless these are reflected in suppliers’ invoices.  In addition to unit charges there are many others that appear on electricity bills and few of these are understood by the majority of people who authorise their payment.

Resolving Billing Disputes

Not all suppliers are as scrupulous as they make out and we have numerous success stories based on recovering overcharges for our clients.  These cases are normally very involved and require specialist knowledge of billing and understanding exactly what is enforceable and what should be negotiated.


Our clients tell us how invaluable it is that we provide budgetary costs for them and can also cost what-if scenarios for production upgrades, additional shifts etc.

New Connections and Supply Upgrades

We have assisted clients with supply upgrades in rapidly expanding businesses. We were successful in delaying this capital cost for over a year through careful demand management and phase balancing