What benefit do we get from outsourcing the management of our utilities?
SAVE TIME – by allowing staff to concentrate on the job for which they were hired.
SAVE MONEY – our market expertise can provide substantial savings
REDUCE HASSLE – The utilities market is fraught with complexities and anomalies which cause untold aggravation to many businesses.

How are Utility Focus different?
Utility Focus provide a more holistic approach than many other consultants.  They have a commitment to reducing the amount of energy and water used as well as implementing cost saving.

How can we understand your business and its requirements?
We carry out site visits to familiarise ourselves with clients premises and to meet with key personnel.  This enables us to develop a model of expected consumptions which we then process using Utility Focus’s proven methods.

What can Utility Focus do for us?
Utility Focus will save your organisation time and money while giving peasce of mind that these services have been independently reviewed.
Reducing consumption of energy and water clearly has an environmental impact which organisations are then able to demonstrate their commitment to.

What make us truly independent?
We are not attached to any suppliers or resellers and receive no commissions.  This enables us to get the best available prices and pass on greater savings to our clients.

How are Utility Focus remunerated for their valuable input?
Utility Focus offer flexible payment arrangements ranging from traditional fixed fees to contingency fees which are tailored to suit you.

Why would we get better deals from suppliers by using the services of Utility Focus?
Utility Focus have established relationships with many suppliers and receive more competitive rates than most individual companies.

Do Utility Focus service the whole of the UK?
Our head office is located in Scotland but we have a network of consultants who are able to service the majority of the UK; an invaluable service for National companies.